We accept your order, sent by facimile, too.
Your order form has to contain all information which is needed to process correctly.
A sample order form is shown below.

Order Form
Title of Product: XXXXXXXX
Number of Copies: XXXXXXXX
Your Address: XXXXXXXX
Telephone: XXXXXXXX
Credit Card: Visa or Master
Credit Card #: XXXXXXXX
Expiration Date: XXXXXXXX

Please send your oreder to
Country Code(Japan) + 6 + 6435-0380.


If you dial wrong numbers, your personal information may be stolen by others.
In the case of using Fax, please send your order on your own responsibility.
Medigit is not reponsible for the personal information sent by Fax until we receive it.
You could go back to the on-line order form.

1. Sales tax and postage costs you US$6.50.
2. It usually takes 10 business days to deliver the product.
3. Medigit Corporation always does our best to prevent your personal information from leaking outside. Since all information, you submit , is encrypted by SSL, no one can read it during the data transmission. Also, our data storage is protected by the latest security system.